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Viventra Trademarks

Viventra logo image with registered mark
The Viventra® Logo

Viventra® and the Viventra® logo are Registered Trademarks of Viventra Systems Private Limited (Trade Mark No. 4360429) registered with the Trade Marks Registry, Government of India under Trade Marks Act, 1999.


When referring to Viventra trademarks and the names of Viventra software, products, and services, please follow these Viventra Trademark and Brand Guidelines.

You may use Viventra trademarks in text solely to refer to and/or link to Viventra’s products and services and in accordance with the terms of these Guidelines.

You may not:

Use of Viventra Copyrighted Content

Viventra products and services—including images, video, audio, text, and software downloads (the "content")—are owned either by Viventra or by third parties who have granted Viventra permission to use the content. Viventra cannot grant you permission for content that is owned by third parties. You may only copy, modify, distribute, display, license, or sell the content if you are granted explicit permission within the End-User License Agreement (EULA) or license terms that accompany the content or are provided in the following guidelines.

Social Media Guidelines

The name of your social media account, any and all pages or communities, cannot begin with a Viventra trademark. In addition, Viventra logos cannot be used in a way that might suggest affiliation with or endorsement by Viventra.


If your proposed use falls outside of these Guidelines, the use is not permitted.